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You Laugh, You Lose! (Peanut Butter Fingers)No one wins in this week's punishment but it had us all dying of laughter!!! WATCH the entire video here.
You Laugh, You Lose! (Inflatable Bull Costume)You HAVE to see this hilarious video of Chad getting dressed up in this costume!
You Laugh, You Lose! (Pushups)This week's punishment: Loser has to do pushups every time they hear Justin Bieber or DJ Khaled while lifting Lil' Boss throughout the ENTIRE show!
You Laugh, You Lose! (Drag Queen Makeover)This week's punishment: Loser has to get their makeup done in just 30 seconds by Orlando's The One, The Only 'The Minx!'
You Laugh, You Lose! (Reptiles In Studio)This week's punishment has Chad LITERALLY almost in tears!!!!
You Laugh, You Lose! (Graphic Content)News 6 Johnny Fernandez joins Chad and Jill in this "graphic" challenge!! You HAVE to see this.
You Laugh, You Lose! (On Air Body Wax)WATCH the loser get a body part WAXED by Lil' Boss!!!
You Laugh, You Lose! (Hot Sauce)Find out who cracks first and has to take a SHOT of HOT SAUCE!
You Laugh, You Lose! (Wardrobe by Elliot)This week's punishment involves Jill's 6 year old son picking an outfit the loser has to wear ALL DAY on Friday!
You Laugh, You Lose! (Manicure Mayhem)WATCH this week's punishment: Jill or Intern Boobie get a FRESH MANICURE! Who do you think loses?
You Laugh, You Lose! (Office Makeover)WATCH this week's punishment: Lil' Boss gets to rearrange the loser's office however she wants!!
You Laugh, You Lose! (Pie Face)WATCH this week's punishment: Someone gets PIED IN THE FACE!!! Who do you think loses?

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