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7 Things Men Look For In The Woman Of Their Dreams

What do men REALLY want? Here is a list of some of the top traits that have nothing to do with boobs or butts.

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Do Men And Women Speak Different Languages When It Comes To Communicating?

According to women, guys speak a completely different language than women! Ladies do you agree?

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7 Dating Tips For Women From Men

What’s the best way for a woman to understand what a man wants? It’s simple. Let the man tell you what to do! We don’t mean tell you what to do as in “Make me […]


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The 10 Worst Things To Say To A Woman

According to a new survey, there are 10 things that will immediately get you put in the dog house with your girl and you might not come out any time soon!


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The Top 5 Turnoffs For Men And Women

If he hasn’t called you back after the big date, it could be because you’ve turned him off and you might not even realize it! And guys, you’re not off the hook just yet either, the ladies have spoken and there are 5 things that turn them off too! Here are the Top 5 turnoffs for men and women…


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Romeo Miller Launches A New Clothing Line!

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Romeo Miller[/lastfm] is following in his fathers footsteps as a multi-tasker, and he has launched a new clothing line targeting college students.


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What Men Can Teach Us Women

After years of teaching men a few things, it’s time for them to teach us something.


1 Out Of 3 Women Have Thrown Away Some Of Her Man’s Clothes

Yes it’s true fellas! There is a very good chance that your woman has thrown away some article of clothing out of your closet…And it’s your job to figure out what she has thrown away. […]