when the booty drops

When The Booty Drops Episode #8

A man wants to propose to his girlfriend in the most romantic way he can think of. But happens when he puts forth all of his efforts and resources and she rejects him?


When The Booty Drops- Episode 7

Guys! what would you do if you found out that your girl friend was pregnant by you? And the way you found out was from a DNA test conducted by the police on a baby […]


“When The Booty Drops” Episode 6 – Old Wounds

It’s been nearly 20 years since Anita Hill testified about the alleged sexual harrassment she indured while working under then Judge Clarence Thomas. And now his Ginni is making a very strange request to Anita […]


When The Booty Drops Episode 4

This Episode contains drama, guns, a shoot out, people jumping out of windows, cops, crazy sex demands and it’s all contained into one story. It’s the day in the life of one NFL Wide Reciever […]


Soap Opera “When The Booty Drops” Episode 4

Someone actually thought that i was making these stories up!! LOL…I am only reporting the true and crazy celebrity stories as i see them pop up on the news columns! This story today stars NFL […]


Soap Opera Time! “When The Booty Drops”

All of these celebs and their crazy life styles led me to create this Soap Opera for JAMZ! And it always stars whom ever is going through the most drama that day! And Today it […]


Episode #2 “When The Booty Drops”

Some people expected more than a slap on the wrist for Charlie Sheens actions…Find out what exactly happened!!


Almost A Year Later…Now Eminem Wants To Say Something About The Kanye-Taylor Swift Saga?!

Why has Eminem waited until now to say anything about the Kanye-Taylor craziness? What does he have to gain? Has Kanye made him mad? What’s the deal Em?!