T.I. Sits Down With The Ricky Smiley Morning Show

So, [lastfm]T.I. [/lastfm]told Ricky Smiley he is changing the name of the album.


T.I. Ordered To Report To Prison Before November 1st!

[lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm] has been given to by the end of the weekend to turn himself in to begin serving his 11 month sentence for violation of probation. He will serve his sentence in a minimum security […]


T.I. Wont Be Charged In LA Arrest

[lastfm]T.I. [/lastfm]had some bad luck lately, but things might be turning in his favor.


Unidentified Man Files Court Papers To Keep T.I. Out Of Jail!

There was an unidentified man who walked into the Atlanta Court house and filed a motion to have [lastfm]TI[/lastfm]’s conviction overturned! The man is not part of TI’s attorney team nor is he a friend […]


TI Opens Up About 11 Month Bid

TI has been low key since its been announced that he is going back to jail.


TI Gets The Ax From AXE

TI is facing another 11 months, but that’s not the only problem, he is also starting to lose endorsements.


TI A Super Hero

[lastfm]TI [/lastfm]comes to the rescue after hears about a sticky situation. TI the new Super Man?


How Much Jail Time Is TI Facing

We all heard about TI and Tiny getting into trouble, but how much jail time is he facing?


Kat Stacks Dishing Dirt On The Hip Hop Artists She Has Been With!

It was only gonna be a matter of time before Kat Stacks told all of her business! So Hip Hop world…Beware of the info she is about to hit you with!! It’s gonna be Crazy!!


Chris Brown’s Momma Has To Apologize For Her Words!

Well at least we know where [lastfm]Chris Brown[/lastfm] gets his arrogance from!! He get it from his momma!!