The Dream

The Dream Says Sorry

 [lastfm]The Dream[/lastfm] finally says sorry to Christina Millian after pics get realeased.


Christina Millian Still Wears Wedding Ring

Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images Its Been a nightmare for her with “The Dream”. Who does “The Dream” feel is the best Collaborator?


The Dream and Christina Millian A Wrap

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images  Pics of The Dream hit the net, him and another girl aka his assistant. Jim Jones dad goes off on youtube? Calls his son a B#$% AZZ!


Live In The Den With Big Tigger: The Dream Interview Pt 1

   Big Tigger interviews [lastfm]The Dream[/lastfm]!  Could this be his last album???  Listen to find out!


Live In The Den With Big Tigger: Tigger Interviews The Dream Part 2

Does he care?  Maybe, maybe not!  Find out what [lastfm]The Dream[/lastfm] had to say!


The Dream Deletes His Twitter Account

[lastfm]The Dream[/lastfm] made a few comments about [lastfm]Ciara[/lastfm] on twitter. Apparently Ciara’s fan were not happy with his comments, because the next day his twitter account was deleted.


The Dream ft. T.I. – Make Up Bag

[lastfm]The Dream[/lastfm] has a new song and video titled Make Up Bag featuring [lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm] Check it out.


Are Christina Milian And The Dream Done??!!

Could the rumors be true that [lastfm]The Dream [/lastfm]and [lastfm]Christina Milian[/lastfm] are seperated and on thier way to a divorce?


The Dream ft. Ludacris – “Love King (Remix)”

The Dream has teamed up Ludacris for the remix of his latest single, “Love King”. Check out the trailer to the “Love King” (remix) video.


Drake Is Leaking

It seems as though someone has leaked a track from [lastfm]Drake[/lastfm]’s up coming album on the internet! Wanna hear it?!