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New Birth MBC Going Through Serious Problems Since The Out Of Court Settlement By Bishop Eddie Long!

Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth MBC never expected the serious internal problems that are coming forth from the out of court settlement between himself and his accusers. It’s causing many members to question the […]


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MLK’s Daughter Leaves Bishop Eddie Long’s Church After Many Years Of Service…Why?

Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter Bernice King leaves Bishop Eddie Long’s church after many years of service. Is this some of the backlash as the results of the sexual allegations out of court settlement agreement […]


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Settlement Reached With Bishop Eddie Long’s Accusers…No Rocks Thrown!

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Bishop Eddie Long [/lastfm]had a victory if you wanna call it that, by reaching a undisclosed settlement with his accusers. Plus he didn’t have to throw any of the 5 rocks he said he […]


Las Vegas Pastor Arrested For Sexual Abuse!

Las Vegas Pastor Billy Eckstine McCurdy has been accused of sexual coercion in the past but no charges have ever been filed. And when he was accused again this time? The 2 young victims testified […]


My Take On Bishop Eddie Long’s Response From The Pulpit!

All who have heard about this story have been waiting on Bishop Eddie Long’s response to all of the allegations against him. And in front of a packed house, he delivered his short response with […]


Bishop Eddie Long Accused Of Sexual Coercion By Multiple Men!

Atlanta based Bishop Eddie Long is facing some serious charges by two men and employees claiming sexual abuse, coercion and misconduct. The Bishop is denying all allegations and complaints set forth by these individuals.