paula white

Pastor Riva Tims Press Conference

Pastor Riva Tims Wants To Reclaim Her Lead Roll At NDCC

Paula White has been named the new Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC) and Founding Pastor Riva Tims wants in as the new head of the church. She has even filed a lawsuit against […]


The Mega-Church Government Investigations First Results Are In!

For the past 3 years a special committee has been formed by the request of the government to look into the finances of several mega-churches across the country. And they finally have some results back.


Jay Love’s Inspirational Video Messages For The Ones In Need

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images) Inspiration on many levels are needed daily…I know I need them. So I figured that I would share with you some of the messages and preachings from the people that help […]