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David Stern’s Tactics Backfire On Him…Now What’s Next for The NBA To Do?

Many feel that David Stern resorted to bully type tactics to force the NBA Players Association to take a deal they really didn’t want at the last minute. But that plan backfired on him!


(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Derek Fisher Reaffirms That The Players Union Stands United After Rumors Of Rift!

Rumors have been started that the players are in a rift and becoming divided over the current NBA lockout negotiations, and NBA Player Association President Derek Fisher reaffirms that the players union stands united still!


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NBA Labor Talks Make A Lil More Progress On Certain Issues!

Some ground is being made after a recent 15 hour meeting between the NBA owners and the NBA players over night which ended this morning. In an attempt to save the entire NBA season.