My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West Gives Some Twitter Updates

Sunday afternoon [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Kanye West [/lastfm] updated his Twitter Page with some big updates, about his projects


Nicki Minaj And Kanye West Have Reasons To Celebrate

With [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Nicki Minaj[/lastfm] being one of the few ladies in hip hop who’s album Pink Friday has gone platinum? More opportunities have become available to her, including television performances on some of the same […]


10 Best Tracks Sampled By Jay-Z (Part One)

Each week our friends at’s Top 10 bring us a brand new Top 10 list.  Come back for the latest and greatest Top 10s on the web. “Hold up a sec, rewind. I’ve heard […]


Diggin In The Crates : Kanye West : CD Spittin

Have you ever listened to an album and drifted to another place?  Well that’s what happened to me when I zoned out to Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”  It’s crazy because when people ask me my […]


Kanye West’s New Album Has Been Named!

Finally, after many ideas and tweets, turns out [lastfm]Kanye West[/lastfm] had a title to his album after all.  Good job creating the buzz Kanye!