Michael Jordan

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Kanye West Does An Interview: 10 Classic Lines

How many ways can he say “I Am A Golden God” without actually saying it?


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Michael Jordan’s New Fiance Has An Infamous Friend

[photogallerylink id=4007 align=left] Michael Jordan has a new fiance, they were spotted out on a double date with Scottie Pippen and his wife. There is a picture online of her and someone who might look a […]


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Lebron James Says “I’m Not Better Than Michael Jordan”

Lebron James responded to Scottie Pippen’s statement that he’s better than Michael Jordan, “I’m not better than Michael Jordan’. Scottie Pippen made the comparison in a recent interview on ESPN.


Michael Jordan Responds To Lebron James

Listen to what Michael Jordan had to say about Lebron James.


Michael Jordan’s Sons Balling Off The Court!

Apparently, Michael Jordan’s sons had quite a time in Vegas last week before heading back to UCF.


Michael Jordan Says He Wouldnt Call Up Bird Or Magic

 Does Jordan agree with Lebron’s decision?


Rick Ross Joining The Diddy & 50 beef?

 Diddy and 50 beef is getting bigger and bigger. Listen to what Rick Ross had to say. Michael Jordan picks whos the best in the NBA right now. Is it Kobe or Lebron?