Signs That You Are Dating SomeoneI used to get so irritated with my friends when they would tell me they were "talking to someone." I'd always say, "I don't know what that is!"
Hollywood Is Getting A DivorceThe world is ending...everyone is getting a divorce. What is happening????
It's International Kissing DayJealous baby doesn't want to stop kissing mommy
The Happiest Proposal You Will See TodayIf you need a little happy in your life, this proposal should do the trick.
Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Best FriendLove is grand.
A Letter From A Mother To Her Son: 'Don't Let One Girl That Breaks Your Heart Ruin You'Love is.....everything.
6 Signs That You Could Be A Bad KisserHow do you rank on the kissing might not be as good of a kisser as you think you are.
Free Hugs!!! Check This Guy OutDon't you wish every time you needed a hug that this guy would show up?
Fashion Find Of The Week: Pink Heart BraceletHave you ever received a gift that was just the sweetest thing? Here is a present I got from my 4 year old last night when I came home from work.
Britney Spears' New Beau Wins Valentine's DayCharlie Ebersol's Valentine's cake to Britney Spears is amazing!
Amazing Grilled Cheese Sandwiches That Are Better Than A BoyfriendNext time you need to feel loved, make one of these and you'll feel like a million bucks!
Signs That You Are Obsessed With Your DogIf you have a dog or a cat and treat them like a member of the family...this list will make you feel like a crazy person...but that's just fine.
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