Nas Has His Child Support Payments Lowered

Nas has had one of the highest amounts of child support payments placed on a man that the courts can order. and now he has told the judge that he can’t afford the monthly payments, […]


VEVO Video Premiere: Kelis- Brave

Kelis has released her video for Brave, the fourth single off her Flesh Tone album.


Kelis Drops An Album. Who Knew?

ย I guess nobody knew. Guess how many albums she sold? R Kelly In the news again?


Nas Forced To Pay Kelis Mortgage

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images So how much is it a month? More Orlando Magic Trade Rumors hrs before the draft?


Kelis Back On The Scene

[lastfm]Kelis[/lastfm] performed in West Hollywood this past weekend. Peep the shoes!


Nas & Kelis Divorce Is Final

I thought it would never end but according to [lastfm]TMZ[/lastfm], after their court appearance on Monday, [lastfm]Nas [/lastfm]and [lastfm]Kelis[/lastfm] are officially divorced! As you may already know, Kelis took him to the bank!


Nas Can’t Afford Payments To Kelis

The divorce proceedings between [lastfm]Nas[/lastfm] and estranged wife, [lastfm]Kelis [/lastfm]are getting pretty ugly.


Kelis Wants Out NOW!!!!!!

Sooo Kelis wants her marriage to Nas terminated Ahora/Now not later.


Nas Ordered To Pay Kelis

[lastfm]Nas[/lastfm] is not having a good day in court at all!


Kelis Sings Acapella

[lastfm]Kelis [/lastfm]has released the first single off of her new album not yet named.