Omarion Owes The IRS $110,000 In Back Taxes!

The IRS has been really cracking down on every celebrity that has not been paying their taxes in the past few years. And the list is growing and now includes [lastfm]Omarion[/lastfm].


Boris Kodjoe Owes The IRS $200k

Boris Kodjoe is lusted after from so many women it’s crazy!! But how do those women feel knowing that he is more than $200,000 in debt to the IRS and his TV show hasn’t been […]


Fishburne’s Daughter Is No Stranger To The Law!

It just gets no better the more the media digs into Montana Fishburne’s past! Find out what has been discovered now!


Uncle Sam Wants You To Rat Out Your Friends

What would you do if you were offered money to turn in someone you know owes the government back taxes?