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Jennifer Lopez’s Infamous GRAMMY Dress Helped Invent Google Images

Kim Kardashian may have broken the internet, but Jennifer Lopez seems to have had a hand in inventing it.



Google Releases 2014’s Year in Search Stats

The most searched people, songs, how-tos and overall searches for 2014 on Google

101.9 AMP Radio–12/17/2014


Daughter Writes To Google And Gets Daddy Out Of Work

This is too cute! Young Katie wanted to make sure her Daddy got his birthday off. She wrote a letter in Crayon to his boss at Google


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Floridians’ Most Googled Phrases

Mazda Miata? Really?


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Google’s Self-Driving Car [VIDEO]

Google’s working on a self-driving car. Technology is amazing!


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No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani On Releasing Push And Shove: “Unread Right For Process Alaska” (Google Transcription Fail)

Google’s automated transcription turns No Doubt’s otherwise serious behind-the-scenes webisode into a laugh-out-loud comedy.


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The Story Of The Metal Band Who Tried To Stop fun.

When asked how they came to add the period to the end of fun., a tale of threats and disagreement unfurled. And a bonus: why they don’t think the “are we having fun yet?” puns are funny.



Why Your Internet Is Being Blacked Out Today

Many prominent webpages on the internet are taking the day off today. In a very unified protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) that Congress is thinking about passing, […]



Send A Personalized Video Or Phone Call From Santa

Every year come several options to send a special someone a phone call from Santa, but Google has upped the ante this year allowing you to send either a personalized call or video from Santa […]


April Fools’ Day 2011: 10 Of The Most Hilarious Pranks

Most people love a decent joke, and so it follows that many are also fond of April Fools’ Day. You have to admit, there have been some impressive pranks pulled over the years. Check out […]