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The Best Things About FallWhat's your favorite part about Fall?
Deal With It: I Hate Pumpkin SpiceI have no idea what my problem is.
Selena Gomez Fell On Stage And Recovered Like A ChampSelena Gomez is known to deliver quite the memorable show, but fans in Tulsa, Oklahoma will remember her concert forever.
Meghan Trainor Fell Down During "Me Too" On The Tonight Show With Jimmy FallonMeghan Trainor's shoes are definitely fired.
Watch Taylor Swift Faceplant On A TreadmillTaylor Swift is known for her quirky humor and love for rap. (See her 2010 CMT Awards performance with TPain.)
Jennifer Lawrence Takes A Tumble At The Oscars
Lady Gaga Takes A Fall Wile Performing
Rihanna Bust Her Ass On Stage

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