Adult Man Poses As Autistic To Get Nurses To Change Him!

At this point in the recession, you would figure finding a job as a nurse or care taker would be hard to do and honest work when you can find it. This guy is taking […]


No More Adult Ads Allowed On Craigslist!

A $36million profit for Craigslist gone in the matter of days! The online company came under much scrutiny from all sides over it’s adult ads.


Former ‘For The Love Of Ray J’ Star Turns To A Career In Porn

One of the ladies from “For The Love Of Ray J” decided to turn to a career in porn, but her first film didn’t go too well.


Hip Hop Star Looking For Some Craigslist Love? Ahem, Man Love!!!!

Ok. so we know everybody that’s hot in the hip hop and R&B game is in L.A right now for the B.E.T Awards. A personal ad was put out on Craigslist looking for some L.A […]