[VIDEO & GALLERY] Celebrity Blogger Apologizes To Tameka Raymond

Our friends in Atlanta were not only witnesses to – but facilitators of – an admitted FIRST for popular gossip blog Media TakeOut… History happened Friday as renowned gossip site Media TakeOut apologized on V-103’s […]


When the Mic is off :: Blog by Shelly Flash >”Be Stupid in Private”

  The other day I wrote a blog about cheating and its “new” or “current” common place and/or acceptability.  And I shared specifically about two of my girlfriends; one was a “cheater” and the other […]


Ricky Martin Makes A Long Awaited Confirmation!!

Well it seems as though for a long time Artist [lastfm]Ricky Martin[/lastfm] has been dodging the big question!! Are you gay?

03/29/2010 Is Born

So Kanye has launched his new blog website called that he’s bigged up like the biggest thing on the web. But as you log on and see what’s so hot about it, you get […]