50 Cent Talks Smack On Twitter

So todays big buzz on twitter was how[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] 50 Cent[/lastfm] shut down WSHH, but did he really?


50 Cent Is Two Steps A Head of Competition

If you ever want to diss [lastfm]50Cent[/lastfm] your going to have to watch what you say or you will have to pay him.


Oprah Furious at Kanye West

[lastfm]Kanye West[/lastfm] was suppose to stop by Oprah’s show, but guess what happen?


50 Cent Gets A Date Off Of Twitter

Ok so [lastfm]50Cent [/lastfm]has been going after someone hard on twitter, seems like he got her but you will never guess who it is.


50 Cent Calls His Dog Oprah

[lastfm]50 Cent [/lastfm]calls his dog Oprah, “come here you !@#$”.


50 and Ross Back At It Again?

My sources are telling me that [lastfm]50cent[/lastfm] might be starting up some beef with [lastfm]Rick Ross[/lastfm], the words sex tape are being brought up.


50 Cent Has A Twitter Fail

50 Cent had a Twitter fail. He sent out a twit pic, but did he really mean for you to see what was in the background?


50 Cent Has A Break Down On Twitter

   So what made [lastfm]50Cent [/lastfm]break down on twitter and start cry?


More Drama For Kayne West

Kayne West did a song for Taylor Swift, what do you think she said?


Ja Rule Upset Over Artist Not Keeping It Real!

[lastfm]Ja Rule[/lastfm] feels like some Hip Hop artists aren’t keeping it real like they say they are and he has no problem giving his thoughts on the issue!