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Jill Bucco

jill head Jill Bucco

I’m an Italian girl from New Jersey. I come from a big family. Picture “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with Italians.

I talk a lot, love to drink wine, I love to cook, I pretend I like to run because I know It’s a necessary evil, but I really hate it. I think if I tell myself I love it enough times maybe I’ll start to love it.

I am the mother of a super funny tiny human named, Elliot. He’s 5 going on 40. We have a kitty named Gracie named after my favorite TV show “Will and Grace.” I love animals and wish I could adopt a ton of them. I’m 99.9 % happy most of the time…some people find this annoying.

I love to shop and try new restaurants. My guilty pleasure is sunglasses and bracelets. On a weekend you can find me anywhere from a patio drinking wine to a theme park to the beach or even on my own couch watching one of my favorite movies, “The Devil Wears Prada.” My parents are some of the most fun people I know, so if you see me out, you may be lucky enough to meet Mom and Daddy Bucco… the coolest kids in town.

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(Photo by Jill Bucco)

To Put Up, Or Not Put Up, Your Tree Before Thanksgiving

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of people complain (shocker) about how they don’t like when people put their tree up before Thanksgiving.


Photo By: Chad Pitt

Wish CHAD PITT A Very Happy Birthday

HEY! It’s JILL! I want you to help me wish Chad a very happy birthday….Here’s how!

101.9 AMP Radio–04/20/2016

(Photo by Carly McCarthy)

Behind The Scenes With Mike Posner

A day in the life of Mike Posner. We had the luxury to sit down with the very sweet, very grounded Mike Posner before he took the stage at the 8th Annual Food and Wine Festival. Here is what happened.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/17/2016


A New Study Regarding Facebook Relationships

A recent study says that if you post your relationship status you are insecure.


Ben Cohen (L) and Jerry Greenfield (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Ben And Jerry’s Releases Three New Flavors

Ben and Jerry’s has released 3 new flavors and they are as amazing as you are picturing in your head at this very moment.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/09/2016

(Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

Are Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Splitting Up?

Kim and Kanye split up in what some are calling the one billion dollar divorce.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/08/2016

(Photo courtesy Columbia Pictures)

New Ghostbusters Movie Trailer Is Here

The new GHOSTBUSTERS trailor is HERE!


Photo courtesy Kendra

Meet The Intern -Kendra Weaver

Every semester we get a new batch of interns. Meet Kendra. She’s pretty cool.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/02/2016

Photo By: JIll Bucco

What Kind Of Mom Are You?

There are many different types of Moms. What type of Mom are you?


(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

Reasons To Be Happy At This Very Moment

Ever need a little something extra to make you happy? Well here ya go. Here are a few reasons to be happy today.

101.9 AMP Radio–02/23/2016

(Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Rodale)

Foods You Can Eat That Will Improve Your Frisky Business

Wanna get better in the bedroom…eat these! If all else fails…at least you got to eat some awesome food.

101.9 AMP Radio–02/22/2016

Photo by: Jill Bucco /PWR PHOTOGRAPHY

It’s National Drink Wine Day

Wanna know all the things I love about wine????? IT’s NATIONAL DRINK WINE DAY! LET’S CELEBRATE!

101.9 AMP Radio–02/18/2016

(Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

The Difference Between A Low Carb Diet And The Paleo Diet

Do you ever get bored with eating the same things over and over again. I’m trying to switch it up a little bit and try and new eating plan. Here are the pros and cons for each.

101.9 AMP Radio–02/17/2016

Amy Winehouse - Waxwork Unveiling

The Frustrations Of Putting On Eyeliner

Have you ever tried to put eye liner on and you JUST CAN’T GET YOUR EYES TO MATCH??!!! OMG! The frustration. Here is PROBABLY how you feel. LOL!

101.9 AMP Radio–02/10/2016

(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The Best Valentine Dates According To Your Sign

Need ideas for Valentine’s Day? Here are a few based on each Zodiac Sign.

101.9 AMP Radio–02/09/2016


10 Things You Can Buy For The Same Price As A Super Bowl Ticket

What would it cost you to go to the Super Bowl? What could you buy for that same amount? Check this out.

101.9 AMP Radio–02/08/2016

(Photo by:  PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

What Most People Will Be Eating And Drinking On Sunday

Here is what you will most likely be eating and drinking during Sundays big game.


Photo By : Jill Bucco

What A Dietitian Eats in a Regular Day VS What I Eat In A Regular Day

How is your diet? Are you eating what you are supposed to be eating? Here is what I eat on a daily basis….VS ….what a dietitian eats. You pick which one is more fun.

101.9 AMP Radio–02/03/2016

Photo by: Jill Bucco

Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Laziest Couples

If you are 1/2 of a lazy couple…here are some things you can do for your boo.

101.9 AMP Radio–01/29/2016

Photo by: Tom Nebel/ CBS RADIO

Things That Happen When You Are The Only Girl In A Group Of Friends

What’s it like to be BFF with the guys? Here are a few things you can expect when you are considered just one of the boys.


(Photo by: GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

Things No Woman Should EVER Do In Front Of Her Man

I think some of these go without saying.


(Photo by GUILLAUME SOUVANT/AFP/Getty Images)

Sexy Chefs That Will Make You Want More Than Their Food

They’re hot and they can cook? Here are the hottest chefs in the world . You’re Welcome!

101.9 AMP Radio–01/26/2016

Photo by: OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP/Getty Images)

Relationship Advice From Real People vs. Relationship Advice From My Mom

Some of these are good, some of these are REALLY good…and some of these may not be for you.

101.9 AMP Radio–01/25/2016

Photo by: Jill Bucco

The Mommy Post That Went Viral For All The Right Reasons

Constance Hall is a woman who knows how to tell it like it is. Shes a mother. Her words are awesome!

101.9 AMP Radio–01/22/2016

(Photo by Intern Nanette)

The Hottest Firefighters Made A Calendar For Your Viewing Pleasure

Some of the hottest firemen live in France and they have made the most glorious calendar for you to enjoy.


(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Five Awful Things You Feel When You Are In Love

Falling in love is the BEST, isn’t it??? But there are some horrible feelings that come with all of the butterflies. Here are the top 5.

101.9 AMP Radio–01/19/2016

(Photo credit should read GEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images)

Weird Ways To Make Your Food Last Longer

I love grocery shopping. It’s my favorite place. I also like to make my food last. Here are a few tips so you can do the same.

101.9 AMP Radio–01/14/2016

(Photo by Warner Bros. Television)/Getty Images

The Cast Of ‘Friends’ Could Be Reuniting


101.9 AMP Radio–01/13/2016

(Ben Watts for Atlantic Records)

Top 5 Hottest Gingers In Hollywood

It’s National Kiss A Ginger Day, so in honor of this special holiday I’d like to give you the 5 hottest celebrity gingers.

101.9 AMP Radio–01/12/2016

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for GLAAD)

Pros And Cons Of Dating A Younger Man

Always wanted to date that young guy? Here are some pros and cons.

101.9 AMP Radio–01/11/2016

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