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Jill Bucco

jill head Jill Bucco

(Photo by Phillip Rines/Pwr Photography) Thanks to Firestone Live for use of the venue.


I’m an Italian girl from New Jersey. I come from a big family. Picture “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with Italians.

I talk a lot, love to drink wine, I love to cook, I pretend I like to run because I know It’s a necessary evil, but I really hate it. I think if I tell myself I love it enough times maybe I’ll start to love it.

I am married to a photographer. We have been married for 5 years and have a 3 year old super funny tiny human named, Elliot. We also have a dog named Vino and my kitty, Gracie named after my favorite TV show “Will and Grace.” I love animals and wish I could adopt a ton of them. I’m 99.9 % happy most of the time…some people find this annoying.

I love to shop and try new restaurants. My guilty pleasure is sunglasses and bracelets. On a weekend you can find me anywhere from a patio drinking wine to a theme park to the beach or even on my own couch watching one of my favorite movies, “The Devil Wears Prada.” My parents are some of the most fun people I know, so if you see me out, you may be lucky enough to meet Mom and Daddy Bucco… the coolest kids in town.

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(Photo credit should read JENS BUTTNER/AFP/Getty Images)

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