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Jessica Reyes

reyes300 Jessica ReyesJessica Reyes most recently worked middays for El Zol 107.9 and as a host for the nationally syndicated TV show The Daily Buzz, delivering weather and entertainment news with wit and humor. During that time she had the opportunity to sit with the likes of Antonio Banderas, Bradley Cooper and Sir Ben Kingsley.

Before that, Jessica served as mid-day radio personality for CBS 92.5 Maxima in Tampa,FL as well as serving as the official spokesperson for Toyota of Orlando. Jessica also worked as the host of “Mambo” on Univision channel 26 in Orlando as well as mid-day radio host for La Mega 98.1. The weekly “Mambo” segment followed Jessica throughout Central Florida as she uncovered the latest happenings and cultural events.

Jessica has also worked for XM Radio as well as CBS Radio in DC.

Jessica got her start in radio as a traffic reporter and that is where she had the opportunity to work for Fox 35 news as their morning news traffic girl. She sees herself as an inspiration to young Latinas who are chasing their dreams just as she is doing.

Jessica gets her own inspiration from role models such as Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks and most of all, from her mother, who is her HERO.

Raised in a Puerto Rican family from Jersey, Jessica grew up listening to Hector Lavoe, Gloria Gaynor and New Kids on the Block. Today she listens to everything from Kanye to La Quinta Estacion. Jessica loves all kinds of music and she may surprise you with what she carries in her playlists.

Away from work Jessica likes shopping, dancing, reading, having occasional outdoor adventures and spending time with her family. Helping the community is a BIG deal for Jess also. She’s managed to organize successful events to help the community with March of Dimes, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and St Jude. Finding new restaurants, and places to visit are also among her favorite pastimes.

Get ready for Jessica to make your workday a little bit shorter with the latest gossip, fashion trends and diet tips.


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Kids Taste Coffee For The First Time

Kids reaction after tasting coffee for the first time is everything you need today.

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