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Danie B

danieb300 Danie BDanie B started her career as a traffic producer and anchor for Total Traffic Network and weekend personality for iHeartMedia’s WiLD 105.7 and 96.7.

She then moved to Albany, NY to be the afternoon host on JAMZ 96.3, and about a year and a half later she was promoted to morning show host.

Additionally, she was the midday host on Rutland, Vermont’s Z97.1 and was a weekend personality for Boston’s 103.3 AMP Radio and Poughkeepsie, NY’s K104.


A Teenage Boy Fights Crocodile For A Date

Would you fight a gator for love?

101.9 AMP Radio–03/24/2017

How To Alter Your Crappy Mood

Here are some tips for getting out of your funk.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/24/2017

Here Are All The Samples From Drake’s “More Life” Album

If the songs on Drake’s “More Life” album sound familiar, it’s because they are.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/23/2017

True Life: I Caught Four Mosquitoes Having A Spring Fling!

Danie B has had yet another run-in with Flordia’s wildlife.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/23/2017

Killer Cobra Still On The Loose In Ocala

Ocala authorities are still looking for the run-a-way Cobra

101.9 AMP Radio–03/23/2017

Lindsay Lohan Is Returning To TV

Lindsay Lohan is the host of a new prank reality show.


Teenage Boy and Reddit Stump SCOTUS Nominee

Who knew a confirmation hearing for the nominee of the Supreme Court Nominee of the United States could be so interesting.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/22/2017

Cosmetic Tattoos Are Beauty’s New Trend

Getting your make up permanently tattooed on your face is the new thing.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/22/2017

Becky G Plays The First LGBT Super Hereo

The new “Power Rangers” movie tackles sexuality.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/21/2017

Selena Gomez Answers Vogue’s “73 Questions”

Selena Gomez is telling it all!


Posting The Perfect “Thirst Trap”

It’s thirst trapping season, and you need to be ready!

101.9 AMP Radio–03/20/2017

Elmo Gets Fired!

Elmo is not happy with President Trump.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/20/2017

“Beauty and the Beast” Is Not That Great Of A Movie

Get ready to laugh and be enlightened at the honest trailer for “Beauty and the Beast.”

101.9 AMP Radio–03/17/2017

A “Roseanne” Reboot Could Be On The Way

If you don’t remember the show “Roseanne,” grow up, and if you do, get ready for the possibility of a reboot!

101.9 AMP Radio–03/17/2017

New Nail Trend Alert

If you’re looking to spice up your fingernails, geode nails may be the trend for you.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/16/2017

The Countdown To “Despicable Me 3” Is On

“Despicable Me 3” is on the way!

101.9 AMP Radio–03/16/2017

A Deadly Snake On The Loose In Central Florida

The northeast is dealing with winter storm Stella, and here in Florida a killer cobra that’s on the loose!

101.9 AMP Radio–03/15/2017

Shaquille O’Neal Makes Retired Life Look Cool

Shaquille O’Neal seems to having the time of his life.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/15/2017

Watch This “Beauty And The Beast” Migos Parody

Watch as Belle gets a “Bad and Bougie” makeover!

101.9 AMP Radio–03/14/2017

No, I Do Not Miss The Snow

Winter storm Stella is giving the northeast a serious beating, so Danie B felt the need to reminisce on her time with the snow.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/14/2017

What You Should Wear To A Job Interview

The Elevate Orlando Career Fair is right around the corner, so now’s the time to get your outfit together.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/14/2017

Yoga Works!

It’s Just Yoga in Lake Eola Park changed my whole outlook on yoga!

101.9 AMP Radio–03/13/2017

Critics Are Not Happy With Ed Sheeran’s “Divide”

It seemed like the world was waiting for Ed Sheeran’s “Divide” to drop, and now that it has, the reviews have been relentless.


The “Get Out” and “Hell” Challenges Are Sweeping The Net

It took a while, but a couple of new challenges are taking over social media.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/10/2017

The Orlando Magic’s Elderly Dance Troupe Gets “Bad And Boujee”

You’re never to old to get ya’ swag on!

101.9 AMP Radio–03/09/2017

Remembering Notorious B.I.G. On The 20th Anniversary Of His Death

Christopher Wallace is gone, but his legacy continues to live on.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/09/2017

Starburst Goes All Pink

Rejoice! The candy gods have spoken and an all pink bag of starburst is on the way!

101.9 AMP Radio–03/08/2017

True Life: Florida’s Wildlife Is Out To Get Us

Florida’s wildlife has no respect for humans as the superior species.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/08/2017

Nike Goes “Pro Hijab”

Nike is taking a steps toward inclusion by releasing an athletic hijab for Muslim women.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/07/2017

Pizza Hut Introduces Pie Top Sneaker

Get ready for pie tops – Pizza Hut sneakers that allow you to actually order pizza.

101.9 AMP Radio–03/07/2017

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