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Chad & Jill In The Morning

Daily Dish For 7.21.17

There’s some HUGE American Idol news!!! Get the details here.

101.9 AMP Radio–29 mins ago

DJ Chino’s FINALLY Friday Mix (7.21.17)

Happy Friday!!! LISTEN HERE to your FINALLY Friday Mix with Chad, Jill and DJ Chino.

101.9 AMP Radio–1 hour ago

“All The Feels” For 7.20.17

Watch how this adorable dog becomes a hero!

101.9 AMP Radio–21 hours ago

You Laugh, You Lose! (Hot Sauce)

Find out who cracks first and has to take a SHOT of HOT SAUCE!

101.9 AMP Radio–21 hours ago

It’s “National Fortune Cookie Day”

LISTEN to Chad and Jill read their listeners fortunes in a special way!

101.9 AMP Radio–22 hours ago

Daily Dish For 7.20.17

What was Kevin Hart doing while his pregnant wife was at home?

101.9 AMP Radio–07/20/2017

“All The Feels” For 7.19.17

The video that is trending WORLDWIDE happened right here in our backyard!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/19/2017

Why You Should Skip Work After A Breakup

Have you ever called in sick after a breakup?

101.9 AMP Radio–07/19/2017

Daily Dish For 7.19.17

See what Ryan Reynolds did for a terminally ill five year old!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/19/2017

Chad Asks Jill To Carry His Baby

Find out what she said!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/18/2017

“All The Feels” For 7.18.17

Ellen meets a 12 year old fan who has a LIFE CHANGING app!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/18/2017

Daily Dish For 7.18.17

Find out what these women are accusing R Kelly of doing to them!!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/18/2017

“All The Feels” for 7.17.17

The most talked about video that EVERY girl can relate to! WATCH it here.

101.9 AMP Radio–07/17/2017

Disney’s Newest Attractions Coming Soon!

Everything you need to know about the ALL NEW Star Wars Resort, Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster, Ratatouille ride, “Toy Story Land” and MORE!!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/17/2017

Daily Dish For 7.17.17

Have YOU seen who will be playing the new Aladdin?!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/17/2017

What You Doin’ At The Courthouse (7/14/17)

LISTEN to find out why a boy called the cops on his parents in this week’s exciting edition of Courthouse!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/14/2017

Twitter Suggestions For Lead Roles in Upcoming ‘Aladdin’

You HAVE to see who people think should play Aladdin and Jasmine!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/14/2017

“All The Feels” For 7.17.17

How amazing is this woman for what she did for 25 firefighters!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/14/2017

Disney’s “Star Wars Land” Is Revealed!

ATTENTION ALL STAR WARS FANS!!! Check out this UP CLOSE look at the all new Star Wars Land coming in 2019.

101.9 AMP Radio–07/14/2017

Daily Dish For 7.14.17

You will never guess the TIP AMOUNT that Donnie Wahlberg left at Waffle House!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/14/2017

DJ Chino’s FINALLY Friday Mix (7.14.17)

Happy Friday!!! LISTEN HERE to your FINALLY Friday Mix with Chad, Jill and DJ Chino.

101.9 AMP Radio–07/14/2017

You Laugh, You Lose! (Wardrobe by Elliot)

This week’s punishment involves Jill’s 6 year old son picking an outfit the loser has to wear ALL DAY on Friday!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/13/2017

“All The Feels” For 7.13.17

A wife completely knocks it OUT OF THE BALLPARK with this surprise for her husband with kidney disease.

101.9 AMP Radio–07/13/2017

How To Prevent Yourself From Drunk Texting Your Ex

These questions will help you NEVER drunk text again!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/13/2017

Daily Dish For 7.13.17

Kim Kardashian didn’t realize that THIS was in the back of her photo!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/13/2017

Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

What do you think Channing Tatum’s first job was?

101.9 AMP Radio–07/12/2017

“All The Feels” For 7.12.17

Strangers spring into action at the beach to save a family from drowning! You HAVE to see this!!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/12/2017

Daily Dish For 7.12.17

Michael Phelps will be racing against a Great White Shark for SHARK WEEK on July 23rd!! All the details here.

101.9 AMP Radio–07/12/2017

FREE Chick-Fil-A for ‘Cow Appreciation Day’

Chad and Jill dressed Lil Boss as a cow and sent her out to get some FREE Chick-Fil-A today. Check out the pictures!!

101.9 AMP Radio–07/11/2017

“All The Feels” For 7.11.17

The SWEETEST MAN EVER is devoting his life to terminally ill children! Get the details here.

101.9 AMP Radio–07/11/2017

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