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Chad & Jill In The Morning

Dog Saves Mother And Child From Deadly Rattlesnake

This proves why dogs are a man’s best friend.

101.9 AMP Radio–3 hours ago

The Season Two Premiere of “Stranger Things” Is One Week Away

New developments in the Harvey Weinstein scandal involving Quentin Tarantino and Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry’s performance mishap and more in today’s DAILY DISH.

101.9 AMP Radio–6 hours ago

DJ Chino’s FINALLY Friday Mix (10.20.17)

LISTEN HERE to your FINALLY Friday Old School Mix with Chad, Jill and DJ Chino.

101.9 AMP Radio–7 hours ago

You Laugh, You Lose! (Pimple Cupcake)

WATCH the loser pop a zit and then eat it!!

101.9 AMP Radio–10/19/2017

Chad And Jill Pick Their Theme Song For The Rest Of Their Life

What song could you wake up to every morning?

101.9 AMP Radio–10/19/2017

Anna Farris Has Moved On From Chris Pratt

Alicia Keys is back on the The Voice, Michael Jackson’s Halloween animated TV special, Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child on The Talk and more in today’s DAILY DISH.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/19/2017

Top Shows That People Binge Race

Have you binged on any of these shows?

101.9 AMP Radio–10/18/2017

Starbucks Has A New Cup This Holiday Season

New Starbucks cup, Han Solo movie has a title, and more.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/18/2017

Essential Items That People Cannot Live Without

Can you survive without THESE items?

101.9 AMP Radio–10/17/2017

Chad and Jill Chat With ‘This Is Us’ Star Chris Sullivan

Find out what episode was the most difficult for Chris and how he felt when he first heard he got the role! LISTEN HERE.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/17/2017

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Keep Their Kids Away From The Media

Kathy Griffin claims she’s being blacklisted, Justin Beiber and Marilyn Manson feud, Jordan Fisher’s “Moana” dance on DWTS and more all in today’s DAILY DISH.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/17/2017

Man Makes Affordable And Cool Prostethic Limbs For Children

See how this man is brightening up children’s lives!

101.9 AMP Radio–10/16/2017

Joe Jonas Is Engaged

Kate Winslet and Courtney Love discussing the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Nelly’s rape allegations, Meghan Markle quitting TV and more in today’s DAILY DISH.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/16/2017

Come Out With Pride On Church Street

The BIGGEST block party Church Street has ever seen! Details from the OWNER of Hamburger Mary’s HERE.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/13/2017

The Nominations For ‘The American Music Awards’ Have Been Announced

Who’s leading with 8 nominations in the AMA’s, Pink’s first encounter with Billy Joel, Linkin Park’s Carpool Karaoke with Ken Jeong and more in today’s DAILY DISH.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/13/2017

DJ Chino’s FINALLY Friday Mix (10.13.17)

LISTEN HERE to your FINALLY Friday Old School Mix with Chad, Jill and DJ Chino.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/13/2017

The Perfect City To Live In According To Your Zodiac Sign

Does this match your personality??

101.9 AMP Radio–10/12/2017

You Laugh, You Lose! (Peanut Butter Fingers)

No one wins in this week’s punishment but it had us all dying of laughter!!! WATCH the entire video here.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/12/2017

Andy Cohen Replacing Kathy Griffin for CNN’s Annual New Years Eve Show

Ben Affleck’s apology to Hilarie Burton, Lindsay Lohan defends Harvey Weinstein and Christina Applegate worries about her daughter getting breast cancer all in today’s DAILY DISH.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/12/2017

See The Rainbow Crosswalk Near Pulse

The crosswalk will be on the street where the Dunkin Donuts is right across from Pulse.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/11/2017

It’s National Coming Out Day!

Courageous stories of people coming out to their families! Plus how did Chad tell Jill? LISTEN HERE!

101.9 AMP Radio–10/11/2017

Justin Beiber May Be Coming To A Theater Near You

Angelina Jolie and Gwenyth Paltrow coming forward in the Harvey Weinstein case, Kate Middleton’s appearance since pregnancy and Kelly Clarkson working with bullies in today’s DAILY DISH.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/11/2017


LISTEN to all of Jill’s BIRTHDAY MESSAGES here!

101.9 AMP Radio–10/10/2017

Oprah Went To The Bank For The First Time Since 1988

New developments on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, trailer for ‘Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi’ and big injuries for some NFL players in today’s DAILY DISH.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/10/2017

City Commissioners Vote On Temporary Memorial For Pulse

Plans for the interim memorial at Pulse will be voted on today at 2pm!

101.9 AMP Radio–10/09/2017

The Ideal Way To Dump Someone

What is the best way to break up with someone? If you need some tips, here they are!

101.9 AMP Radio–10/09/2017

Jason Aldean Makes An Appearance On SNL Over The Weekend

Jason Aldean’s tribute to Las Vegas, Aaron Carter’s back on social media and Harvey Weinstein fired from his own company all in today’s DAILY DISH.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/09/2017

Drama On ‘American Idol’ Over Katy Perry’s $25 Million Contract

Cam Newton’s sexist comment towards a female reporter, beef between Tyrese and The Rock, Netflix raising prices and more all in today’s Daily Dish.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/06/2017

DJ Chino’s FINALLY Friday Mix (10.6.17)

Listen HERE to your FINALLY Friday Old School Mix with Chad, Jill and DJ Chino.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/06/2017

WATCH: Emotional Reunion Between Las Vegas Shooting Victim And Hero Who Saved Him

Tom McIntosh was shot in Las Vegas the other night and was saved by a complete stranger. See their emotional reunion here.

101.9 AMP Radio–10/05/2017

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