Melony’s One Direction Obsession Fan Club


Everyone has their one obsession and the guys of One Direction just so happen to be to be mine! So what do you do when you’re obsessed with a UK boy band? Start a fan club, of course!

Over the past few months I’ve met some of the biggest One Direction fans in Orlando which is another reason why I decided to start Melony’s One Direction Obsession Fan Club. Instead of me texting my two best friends about the every move, songs, shows, girlfriends and lives of the 1D guys, I wanted to include all of the Orlando 1D fans that share the same love. The Fan Club will have up to date news on 1D, concert tickets to their sold out shows and overall just sharing our crazy obsession with One Direction together online and at special 1D Hook-Up Events.

Obsessive Harry Styles-1D lover,

Melony Torres


I invite you to join me in the madness that is the One Direction Obsession… It’s easy to join! Text OBSESSION to 29627 or Click Here.


Keep checking the blog for all the latest news, events, photos, giveaways and all things One Direction!


planethollywood200 Melonys One Direction Obsession Fan Club


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