AMP Fringe Pick 5.26.16: Voci Dance: Paint ChipsA quirky supersonic multimedia dance performance.
No Filter Episode 3: What Annoys You On Facebook?We all have that one friend on Facebook that sends you Candy Crush and Farmville's annoying, we know.
AMP Fringe Pick 5.25.16: On The FringeOn The Fringe is an actual movie, a documentary to be exact, chronicling artists behind the scenes making their way along the 2014 summer Canadian Fringe circuit.
AMP Fringe Pick 5.24.16: Sugarcrash Kids And The Forgotten IslandSugarcrash Kids and the Forgotten Island looks to be a perfectly sweet concoction for both kids and adults alike.
AMP Fringe Pick 5.23.16: Decades RewindWe're all about the music, and Decades Rewind looks to be a fun retrospective of the great songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s.
Live Action 'Beauty And The Beast' Teaser Trailer PremieresThe internet is abuzz this morning with the first teaser trailer for the live action Beauty and the Beast coming from Disney in the spring of 2017.
AMP Fringe Pick 5.22.16: 21 Chump Street: The MusicalA musical take on a high schooler falling in love with an undercover cop.
AMP Fringe Pick 5.21.16: Fruit Flies Like A Banana: Alphabetic Disorder"Music, theatre, and dance collide in this all-new, madcap variety hour."
AMP Fringe Pick 5.20.16: From Broadway To Obscurity"A high energy, incredibly funny show about making hard choices for the right reasons."
AMP Fringe Pick 5.19.16: Bella CulpaGet ready to both gasp and laugh at this acrobatic AND comedic duo from Canada.
No Filter Episode 2: Honey, Boo, BabeOn this weeks' episode you'll hear Chad & Jill's opinions on whether or not it is okay for your significant other's coworkers to call them "Babe" or "Honey" when you're around.
AMP Fringe Pick 5.18.16: Toiley T. Paper: Roll Model!This talking roll of toilet paper promises to put the bathroom in bathroom humor.

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