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How to Safely Sell Your Stuff Online

By Danie B

It seems like the days of the yard sale are over because the internet has taken over.

Instead trying to sell your junk on the side of the road, you now can download an app, post a picture, schedule a meet, and sell your junk from the comforts of your own home.

However, even though the internet is convenient, it can also be dangerous.

I recently tried selling some household items on Craigslist, Let Go, Offer Up, and Facebook, and I learned so much about scammers and safety.

Based on my recent experience, here are 5 tips to help you get rid of your junk, safely.

  1. Always deal in cash – NEVER take a check or cashier’s check from anyone. When I first posted my washer and dryer on Craigslist, a scammer told me that they were interested, but they didn’t ask to negotiate the price, or anything. They offered a cashier’s check as payment and said that they would send people to get the product after the check cleared. I googled and I found out that this was a popular scam. The buyer pays with a fake cashiers check, picks up your stuff, and couple days later when the check doesn’t clear, you end up owning your bank money.
  2. Try not to meet at your home – You don’t want strangers knowing where you live. You never know what could happen. If possible find a public area to make the exchange. People are less likely to try anything crazy when there are people around to witness.
  3. Never meet stranger alone – Always have someone with you to make an exchange. Money tends to make people do crazy things, and you don’t want to be a victim. People are less likely to and rob you or be violent with you if you have another person with you.
  4. Use Ebay – Ebay is cool because you don’t have to meet with a person at all. You just auction you stuff, and send it to whoever’s the highest bidder. Plus with Ebay the rating system helps to verify that the person you’re dealing with is not trying to scam you.
  5.  Be smart – Go with your gut. If a person seems fishy or if you feel like a person is trying to scam you, don’t go through with the deal and don’t continue with the negotiation.
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