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Daily Dish For 7.19.17

Ryan Reynolds did an amazing thing for a little boy over the weekend. He took time out of his day on the set of “Deadpool 2” to FaceTime with a terminally ill five-year-old boy.

A boy named Daniel was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and only has months to live. Daniel is a huge Marvel fan and loves Ryan Reynolds.. In fact he went as far as to call him his hero.

Daniel’s family was just hoping to swing a phone call, but Ryan FaceTimed with him for 15 minutes.

Justin Bieber must have heard “ALL THE FEELS” because the other day he surprised fans at a children’s hospital in Orange County. Sources say he spent time talking to the kids, took pictures and prayed with them.

Not all celebrities use their social media.. Ed Sheeran might have quit twitter because of all the “haters,” but he’s still on Instagram and as far as we can tell, he’s doing good things on there.

Ed posted a photo to raise awareness for those who need lifesaving blood stem cell donors. He then specifically called for help for a seven-year-old named Jasmi, who desperately needs a donor.

Kendrick Lamar gave a very special gift to a quadriplegic fan. He gave the fan a wheelchair-accessible van to help her get around.

He also gave her an autographed jacket, with a special note that said, “Thank you for always supporting me. You’re an inspiration . . . you are strong and positive. You’re kind and beautiful. For all the years of inspiring me, the least I can do is make sure you’re comfortable driving the city. A gift from me to you. You’re always appreciated! – Kendrick Lamar.”

Ben Affleck rubbed Evan Rachel Woods the wrong way. He made a statement about his acting career saying that the moment he kissed a guy in a film was the moment he became a real actor. It was the movie CHASING AMY and he kissed fellow actor Jason Lee.

He said, “A man kissing another man is the greatest acting challenge an actor can ever face.” Bi-sexual Evan Rachel Woods was not amused and clapped back by tweeting, “Try getting raped in a scene. Also, grow up Ben. Also, you think us ladies like kissing all the guys we kiss? Just cause it’s a ‘straight kiss’ doesn’t mean we enjoy it. Ahem.”

Actress Mindy Kayling (The Office/ The Mindy Project) is expecting her first baby. When she announced her pregnancy, everyone had one very important question, “Who is the father?”

Sources said as far as they know she’s not dating anyone and her pregnancy was announced as an “unexpected surprise”. A source close to the actress says, “She just started telling her friends she is pregnant. She is not telling anyone, not even close friends, who the father is.”

Aaron Carter spoke with ET on Tuesday to explain his arrest and DUI drug charges. Fighting through the tears he explained how he bought a cheap used car to avoid high car rental costs. He has a fear of flying ever since his experience on September 11th.

He explained, “I opened for Michael Jackson Sept. 9 and 10 in 2001 — we all left the morning of Sept. 11 and watched the Trade Centers get hit across the Hudson River, and I saw it with my own eyes and I saw people jumping out of the buildings and burned.

Carter says the car he bought was in bad shape and that the doors wouldn’t even lock. “Somebody said I was driving recklessly on the road, that’s what the police report said, but the alignment was off on my car, so I went to AutoZone to see if I could do anything about it,” Carter explains. “A motorcyclist reported that I was swerving all over the road, but the alignment was off a little bit on the new tire.”

Carter says police approached him inside the AutoZone in Georgia. “They forcefully grabbed me out, so I stepped outside. I say, ‘I invoke the right to speak to my attorney,’ and they disregarded that, they revoked that immediately. They said, ‘Is there anything illegal in the car?’ I said, ‘I have marijuana in the car.'”

“I kept trying to explain the whole situation, to the officer,” he shares. “He said, ‘You’re a professional, right? I’m a professional too, so be quiet.’ And then I said, ‘OK.'” He still insists he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol OR drugs. “I do not drink alcohol at all,” he adds, saying he has a medical condition that prevents him from doing so. However, he admits he will occasionally sip beer.

Carter says the last time he had smoked marijuana was nine hours earlier before the incident with police. He says he smokes marijuana for his anxiety, chronic pain and to increase his appetite.

Carter says he’s also on pain medication due to a jaw injury, which he has since stopped taking, and stresses that he is not taking any other drugs.

“No. Nothing. Zero. I am willing to do a polygraph test,” he says. “I take Xanax, Propranolol for high blood pressure medication, and I took oxycodones for my mouth.”

Carter spoke a message for his fans and others that claim he has a drug problem.

“It hurts real bad because people don’t know me, and I have no control over it, and this is the way I am,” he says. “I have a medical condition. When I was 19 years old, I got an endoscopy done in Tennessee and I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. The doctor told me I have to keep stress out of my life, or else it’s gonna take a toll on me and I can develop cancer.”

“I don’t need help,” he continues. “What I need is for people to understand that I’m human and that I make mistakes just like every other human in this world, but I would never risk my life or my girlfriend’s life.”


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