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Snapchat’s New Snap Map Feature Raising Safety Concerns

By Danie B 

Snapchat has gone a bit too far!

Yes, we love the geofilters that allow you to tag your location in Snapchat pictures and videos, but we do NOT need Snapchat to broadcast our every move!

Last week Snapchat released their snap map update.

This feature allows for your followers to know exactly where you are at all times. For instance if you’re at the Orlando Eye, a bitmoj aviator will show up on the snap map like a pin, and if you zoom in, the map will tell you the exact location. It works similar to the Apple “Find My Friends” app.

Yes, this is a great way to bust liars and the bae you suspected was cheating, but it can also be VERY dangerous. Think about it.  What if your home address gets into the hands of the wrong person?

Luckily, there is a way to disable the feature.

First off, the snap map update does not take effect until you update your Snapchat app. Once you do that, Snapchat will take you through a tutorial on how to use the new feature.

At the end of the snap map tutorial, you’ll have three options. It’ll ask if you want all you friends, selected friends or only you to see your location. Choosing the “only me” option puts you in ghost mode, making your avatar disappear from all your follower’s maps, but you can still see other people.

To turn off your location data all together, go to your phone’s settings, select Snapchat, then choose to never share you location while using the app.

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