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Game Shows Are Here To Stay

Game shows seem to be making a major comeback!

I remember being a kid and religiously watching The Price Is Right, The Dating Game, and Single’d Out every summer at my Grandma’s house. Like every grandmother, she made us watch soap operas too, but you get the point.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been able to catch a couple of the new game shows and here are three standouts!

Beat Shazam 

This game is so cool! It’s hosted by Jamie Foxx, and you basically have to do exactly what the titles says. They play a song, and you have to guess the name of a song before Shazam does. If you’re successful, you could walk away with big bucks!¬†This game is still relatively new, so in my opinion they need to come up with a better format, but all in all, I like it.

Love Connection

Remember this dating game from back in the day? Well this show is hosted by Andy Cohen, and it’s basically is the same thing as the old show with a bit of twist. The show opens with a small video reel of the contestant and his/her three dates. Based on the 30 second video bios, the audience picks who they think is the best fit for the contestant. Each dater is then interviewed and drilled on how their date went, then the contestant makes his/her choice. If the contestant chooses the same person the audience picked for them, they win $10,000, if not, the contestant has to choose between the potential love of their life, or the cold hard cash! This game is hilarious! When Andy get the contestants to dish about their dates, it typically leads to uncontrollable laughter!

Family Fued

This is an old game, but Steve Harvey has really breathed new life into it. In this game your family members take turns trying to guess the most popular results to various poll questions. Thinking fast is must, so some of the answers people blurt out are hilarious!




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