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5 Topics To Avoid During A Date


By Jessica Reyes

Anyone else hate those awkward silences on the first date?! #lol

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Are you ready to meet that special bae? Of course you are. Well there are some conversation no-no’s you must avoid. You don’t want to get to that second and third date right?!?

Here are my top 5 convo topics to avoid:


1.  Ex…never ever talk about exes! Good or bad I know this first hand. Talking about exes is never good. I feel that the topic should go with a quick ‘He/She was a good person just not right for each other’ and move on. Don’t ever bash an ex.


2. Religion. Oh I love baby Jesus too but the reality is not anyone is willing to jump into such a serious topic during a first date. The only time I feel it’s sort of okay is if that’s within your top three deal breakers.


3. Politics… Man oh man! With all the drama this nation is facing do you really want to spend a first date arguing about politics? Leave that to the experts.


4. Money $$$… That’s not any of your business on a first date. I understand a persons financial status will eventually come into play but during a first date?


5. Marriage…I once had someone ask if I was ready for marriage. Although it’s a fair question it wasn’t something I felt like discussing during a first date.




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