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The Most Common Words that People Mispronounce


Here are some of the most popular words that people constantly pronounce WRONG!! Some of them actually come as a surprise because we usually hear the wrong pronunciations anyways.

We’re here to set the record straight, see the list below for the correct pronunciations:

  1. Mischievous– It’s three syllables, not four. Some people say “mis-CHEE-vee-us” but the correct pronunciation is “mis-CHi-ves”
  2. Espresso– There is NO “X” a lot of people say “EX-presso”
  3. Prerogative- There is an “R” after the “P” people usually say “PER-ogative” but the correct pronunciation is “PRE-rogative”
  4. Asterisk- Normally people pronounce it “aster-IX” but it ends in “S-K” so the correct pronunciation is “aster-ISK”
  5. Triathlon- Almost everyone pronounces this in four syllables “tri-ATH-uh-lon” but there is only three syllables. The correct pronunciation is “tri-ATH-lon”
  6. Supposedly– Usually people say it with a “B” at the end, which IS actually a word but it does have a different meaning.

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