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Hip Hop Makes God Mainstream

By Danie B

While scrolling through my twitter timeline, I noticed, a tweet from podcast comedian, Rob.

Just when that tweet sent tons of thoughts running through my brain, I read on as he elaborated.

Spirituality is slowly but surely making it’s way into the mainstream. It seems like all of these great artists of our generation are looking for some sort of enlightenment or purpose.

Chance the Rapper resonated with me because I grew up in the church, and it felt familiar too me. I felt like he was talking about my Grandma in Sunday Candy, and in How Great I just felt like it was my testimony.

In Kanye’s Ultralight Beam¬†I felt what he was saying when he was asking God to deliver us serenity, peace and love. With so much happening in the world, and with the struggles we now know Kanye was dealing with, it makes that he would make a public plea for God to stop the madness.

Then in Kendrick’s whole DAMN album you hear the internal struggle that we all as humans go through to just be good people. The conflict of staying humble as opposed to prideful and to love instead of lust. All though the album you hear Kendrick struggling with trying to figure out if he’s just wicked or weak.

So yes, all three artist publicly detail their relationships with God, but you know how people say that art is a reflection of what’s really going on?

Are we as a generation, a nation, or even as inhabitants of this world spiritually lost? Are we all searching for something, and just trying to figure it out day by day?

Those are questions that you will have to answer for yourself in your personal quest for spirituality. In the mean time, enjoy the conversations on religion and spirituality, talking points that we’ve all been programed to avoid, that these artists are starting through their music.



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