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Happy National Superhero Day

By: Danie B

Happy National Superhero Day!

As a child, I remember watching Superman, the Justice LeagueSpiderman and Batman during afternoon and Saturday morning cartoons. I even remember being to happy to see Batman and Robin as a child. (Yes this is the Batman movie with George Clooney, and yes I know it sucked, but hey, was a kid.)

At any rate, I think that is cool that superheros are mainstream again, and that there are a number of superhero movies shows on network television and on Netflix capturing audiences all over. Here are my top five superhero movies/ shows.

  1. Iron Man – I LOVE Tony Stark. I think he’s awesome, I love his cryptic sarcasm – I just love everything about him! The Avengers’ movies are pretty cool too, but Iron Man is still my favorite superhero of them all.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy – This was one of the funniest superhero movies I have ever seen, and I’m extremely excited about the sequel, that opens in theater on May 5.
  3. The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises – C’mon, who doesn’t like these movies? The Joker and Bane’s characters alone could had their own movies in my opinion.
  4. Luke Cage – This Netflix series started out a bit slow, but in the end I love the idea of a bulletproof black superhero, so I’m a fan.
  5. Jessica Jones – I love the fact that Jessica is NOT your average superhero. She a sarcastic prick, she drinks and curses like a sailor, but no matter how much she tries to not care, her heart can’t let her turn a blind eye to people who are in need.


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