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5 Tips For Making Your Post Workout Smoothie Taste Better

For me the bests part of my workout is the post workout smoothie. I didn’t always feel like this though.

The taste of protein powder, banana, and water/milk blended together used to make me gag, that is until I learned how to make my smoothies tasty.

Here are four tips that I came up with to make your smoothies a bit tastier.

  1. If using fruit or vegetables, the fresher the better –  I used to use frozen fruits and veggies and they made my smoothies bland and watered down. Using fresh ingredients makes a world of difference when it comes to tastes.
  2. Use naturally sweet fruits – Don’t expect your smoothie to have the sweetness you’re looking for if you use fruits that aren’t sweet. I’ve found that pineapples, bananas, and mangoes give my smoothies the perfect amount of sweetness and the best flavor.
  3. Greek Yogurt – If you’re like me and you hate the taste of protein powder, use Greek yogurt as a full or partial substitute. It’s protein packed, and it’ll compliment your other ingredients well.
  4. Coconut Water – Instead of using water or milk for the liquid portion of your smoothie, use coconut water. This just gives the smoothie more of a flavor, and it too compliments your ingredients well.
  5. Drink your smoothie as soon as you make it – I’ve blended smoothies that I haven’t actually drank until maybe an hour or so later, but by then the smoothies has a sharp and bitter taste. I’m no chemist, so I’m guessing that maybe the acid in the fruits and veggies are reacting to base of the other ingredients. *shrugs* Whatever the reason, I’ve learned to just blend my smoothie ingredients when I’m ready to drink it.
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