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Charlie Puth On Music: “Hip Hop Has Never Been So Relevant In Pop Music”

By Danie B. 

Charlie Puth’s new song has everyone’s “Attention.”

The song dropped Friday, and over the weekend it could even be heard on a  Snapchat filter.

“Attention” is even drumming up a bit of controversy because a number of Puth’s fans are speculating that the song is about Charlie’s past drama with actress Bella Thorne. Luckily, I got the chance to get to the bottom of all this.

Listen to our unedited interview where we talk about everything from the possible shade he’s throwing in “Attention” to strip clubs!

We also talk about the different types of music he wants to make, and Charlie even offers me a job in the interview … well, sort of.

Listen for yourself below!

Danie B: You have a new song, “Attention.” Love it!

Charlie Puth: Thank you. As I talk to you, we just put out the music video to it like literally five seconds ago.

DB: CUH-RAP! Now I have to like go back and watch it. I wish I had watched it before I talked to you. SHEESH!

CP: You can like literally turn it on while we’re talking and kind of like be very surprised at what’s going on.

DB: I saw you had the Snapchat filter this weekend too.

CP: Yeah. A lot of people forget to turn it around, like the lens. There’s a bunch of jellyfish that pop up. I don’t really understand why that is.

DB: That’s a little awkward, like random jellyfish. You should have had like maybe music notes floating since you’re so musically inclined and everything.

CP: See Danielle B, you should be on my music team, my marketing team.

DB: You better not try and poach me, I don’t know if my boss would like that too much. So “Attention,” really dope song, but do you feel any pressure on you trying to live up to the hype of “Marvin Gaye” and “See You Again” and the stuff you’ve done prior?

CP: In a way, but when I produce a record I don’t want it to sound anything like what I did before. Like if you listen to “See You Again” which came out several years ago, “Attention” sounds absolutely nothing like “See You Again.” I’m just trying to reinvent the wheel of myself the entire time, or just like replace it with a different rim or something. [laughing[ I just compared vehicle car tires to my musical career.

DB: I just pulled up the video. It’s very dark already. I see the difference in the imagery and everything.

CP: Yeah, very dark. I’m very pensive thinking about a lot of things. There are a lot of things on my mind.

DB: It’s interesting that you say that, because I saw on social media, you’re fans have been talking and they think that the song is about a certain somebody. You throwin’ a little shade???

CP: The way you’re saying that is so funny. No I’m not. No shade intended. They just have to look really closely at the video, that’s all I’m gonna say.

DB: I’m looking. I see the girl with the long flowy hair.

CP: You can’t look at the girl though. It’s completely separate from her.

DB: Well, I’m not listening to it right now either. I’m just watching it since I’m talking to you.

CP: You know what, you can multi-task. I think you’re the very first reviewee ever that will multi-task like this, so you’re very, very talented Danielle B!

DB: [laughing] I like the fact that you keep calling me Danielle. No one like calls me that seriously, you’re the only one.

CP: Well, I’m special.

DB: Well, you’re a pretty low-key guy, so what’s something about you that people don’t know.

CP: Everyone thinks I’m very social but I’m actually very shy. I’m very outgoing when I want to be but I’m very shy when it comes to social situations that I’m not so used to. While we were filming this video I had several anxiety attacks because the girl was such a good actress that when she was yelling at me it felt so real, I actually had to sit down on the bed and get my thoughts together.

DB: I see. She just threw a plate at you [referring to scene in video]. That was intense! Oh my gosh!

CP: I feel like we’re watching a live car chase right now. You’re updated on the video as it goes. She was like throwing all these plates at me and stuff. It really stressed me out. She was a really good actress.

DB: You’re a pretty musical guy, so what are you listening to right now?

CP: Florida’s finest, XXXTENTACION, who is a rapper.

DB: Ahhhhh…he’s the one that was mad at Drake for the same kind of cadence, right?

CP: Yeah, for biting his cadence a little bit, which is kind of that triplet Migos style.

DB: Yeah. Know all about that. I’m from Atlanta boo.

CP: Oh, really? So who’s team are you on? I mean I love everything about Atlanta too. My goal in life is to produce as much music and throw it out to Atlanta and just like take it to Blue Flame (Blue Flame Lounge is a “premiere gentlemen’s club” in Atlanta).

DB: What???

CP: This interview is going completely the other way right now. I started out like producing a lot of hip hop records and R&B records like “Slow Motion” for Trey Songz I produced. That was produced a couple years ago. That’s my style musically. I mean, I couldn’t come out with that a couple of years ago, but it makes sense now.

DB: That is so dope. Like, you want to make a Blue Flame record. That would be so crazy to walk in Blue Flame and have the girls like dancing to Charlie Puth. That would be so dope.

CP: It would be epic to make that cross over. I would love that.

DB: I want you to do that just so I can go back home, go to Blue Flame with my friends and go like, “Yo! Charlie said he was gonna do this and he did it!”

CP: I love working with artists from Atlanta too, I know they’re from Mississippi but like kind of Atlanta, like Mike Will and Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi, like they cross over to pop. A lot of these guys don’t realize like even Star who’s a really talented writer, she writes a lot of pop stuff. Hip hop has never been so relevant in pop music nowadays. It’s really important.

DB: We’ve even noticed with our playlist, like we’re playing Migos, we’re even playing Childish Gambino “Redbone” right now.

CP: Oh my god, of course you are, because it’s so dope. We’re out of the EDM phase and we’re back to…hip hop lives on forever. It’s never dying.

DB: Charlie, I like you. You’re my new best friend.

CP: Ahhhh…you’re MY new best friend.

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