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When Moms Take Selfies


Selfies, we all take one here and there. Others every single moment of the day.  The other day I was trying to take a cute/sexy selfie when a chubby hand kept making its way into my shot. Who could it be? My baby boy Sebastian of course.

Seriously 😜😛 #selfie #JessicaReyes #selfietime

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It’s funny how little things like selfies are different after having a baby. I’m sure plenty of moms out there can relate. How many times have you tried to take a pic only to find a tiny baby shoe or pacifier in the background? It’s the mom life and we love it.



Here are some other moms I found under the #MomSelfie

Погодка👌🏻😍 А завтра опять💩💩😭 #весна#наодиндень

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#momselfie lol

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