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Why Orlando Traffic Is So Frustrating

By: Danie B

I love Orlando, Lord knows I do, but this city has the most useless traffic ever!

Living in Atlanta and New York, I’ve experienced some pretty horrible traffic in the past. As a former traffic reporter, I’ve seen almost everything you can see in the traffic realm. Seriously, I’ve seen plane landing on expressways, circus animals running all over freeways, wild bears hanging out in medians, car fires, helicopters landing on the road in emergency situations – you name it.

I, however, have never in my life seen anything like Orlando traffic. What makes me hate Orlando traffic is that there’s typically a whole lot of traffic for a whole lot of nothing. If I’m going to be in traffic at least give me a shut down road, serious construction, or a stalled out vehicle blocking lanes for goodness sake! Don’t have traffic sluggishly moving along at 20 miles per hour because Bertha, Gertrude, and Sarah are driving the exact same speed blocking all lanes of I-4.

I know is the I-4 expansion project is an ongoing thing, but you’ve seen those cranes time and time before! They’re not going anywhere anytime soon, so stop slowing down to stare at them! *breathe*

This piece really served no purpose but for me to vent, and I feel much better now. Thanks for reading and possibly relating to my frustration. Drive safe!


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