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5 Signs Your Boss Is A Jerk

Bosses… They either push us to our limits or make us drain the work day.

A good boss treats their employees as equals and gives positive feedback regularly. However, some people are unfortunate and have bosses that are complete jerks with their employees, making it really hard to work for them.

Here are 5 signs your boss is a jerk:

  1. They send mixed signals. They are buddy-buddy with you one minute and the next they are angry with you for something minor.
  2. They don’t bother giving any feedback. Or when they do, it’s never positive. They only tell you when you did something wrong, making you think you’re doing everything wrong, therefore killing your motivation.
  3. They play favorites. They are only nice to certain employees (who are doing the same amount of work as you), letting them get away with things that if you were to do it, you’d get in trouble.
  4. They make it clear you work for them. They distant themselves from you, never bothering to check on you if you need anything.
  5. You find it hard to talk to your boss and share ideas. You’re intimidated by their rude and cocky attitude so you don’t want to confront the big man with any brainstorming ideas, finding it to be a drain of your energy.

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