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Cosmetic Tattoos Are Beauty’s New Trend

Over the weekend, I met a girl who tattooed her face.

At first I though it was a tear drop. You know, the tear drops people tattoo on their faces to signify different things, but apparently, it was supposed to be beauty mark.

This then led me to think about my friend back home who got her eyebrows permanently tattooed on her face. Is permanent make up the new thing? Surfing to the net leads me to think it is.

It is now common for people to get make up permanently tattooed on their faces; you can even add  freckles and beauty marks to your face.

Don’t believe me? Just watch.


Have you ever felt like you lacked lip definition, or maybe that your lips were too pale. Well, this procedure can help with that. Check it out.


Filing in your eye brows is a serious trend. Girls everywhere spend minutes every morning filling in their brows in hopes that they will be “on fleek.” However, there is now a way to ensure that your eyebrow are perfect all the time!

Eye liner

Eye liner is the worst, right? If you’re anything like me, you can never get both sides to match. Well if you’re sick of struggling with your liquid liner, you now have a permanent option.


Freckling is a new trend that involves people tattooing or applying fake freckles to their face. People are also applying beauty marks to their faces in the same manner. Check out the vids below.

Now that I’ve done my research, I see that these procedures have the ability to make applying make up a bit easier, but still, I’m not willing to give it try. How about you?




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