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Yoga Works!

By Danie B

Sunday started out as quite the crappy day. Not to give too much information, but I woke up crying for no reason and in a world of pain. Why? Ladies, you know why.

Anyway, later on that day I went to the It’s Just Yoga event in Lake Eola Park.

I’ve always been skeptical of yoga; I never really believed in the hype. However, yesterday I learned that yoga really works.

I’m a bit hyper active so the intense focus and stillness involved in yoga was something that didn’t appeal to me. Again, however, after yesterday, my tone toward yoga changed.

First off, yoga is hard! It involved twisting and turning your body into these awkwardly comfortable potions.

Secondly, yoga has the ability to change our attitude. Honestly, when I got to Lake Eola Park, I felt like crap and I was in some serious pain. By the time I left, I felt refreshed, calm, happy, energetic, and those horrible stomach cramps had ceased.

Thirdly, our yoga instructor Julie was hilarious. From her borderline inappropriate jokes, to her random touches, she made the whole experience fun and not uptight like I expected it to be.

So if you’re skeptical of yoga, give it try! You might like it, like I did!

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