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Slang Words Teenagers Are Using


USA Today posted a list of slang words the kids are using these days, and what they mean. You probably know a few of them. Like, “throwing shade” is when you insult someone or make fun of them. Here are eight you may not know:

  1. Lit – it doesn’t mean you’ve had a couple of drinks anymore…It means something’s cool.
    • i.e. “That party was lit.”
  2. Turnt – It can mean being really hyped about something, or being ON something. Usually a synonym for being wasted.
    • i.e. “I am getting turnt tonight at the club!!!!!!!!”
  3. Clap back – It’s when you respond with a clever comeback after being insulted.
    • i.e. “He kept teasing me, but he wasn’t expecting me to clap back.”
  4. Thirsty – being desperate, especially when it comes to trying to get with someone.
    • i.e. “She’s so thirsty!”
  5. Fire – the cool kids are using it as an adjective now…meaning something HOT.
    • i.e. “That new Zedd song is straight fire.”
  6. Woke – being smart and staying alert.
    • i.e. “Stay woke!”
  7. The letter “V” – short for “very” aka being too lazy to say “very good” at something.
    • “She’s V good.”
  8. Sus – short for suspicious or suspect.
    • i.e. “I’m not surprised he lied to you. I told you he was sus.”
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