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Nicki Minaj Needs To Address Remy Ma And Defend Her Rap Crown

It’s been a week, and Nicki Minaj still has not responded to Remy Ma.

Wait, let’s back up for a second for those of you have no clue what this means.

Just last week Nicki released two songs. The fist was Swalla, a song with Jason Durulo, and the other was Make Love with Gucci Mane. In both songs, Nicki seemed to take subliminal shots at fellow female rapper, Remy Ma.

Remy Ma then answered back with Shether, in which she aired a great deal of Nicki’s dirty laundry including past hook ups, body altering malfunctions, and personal information from her past relationship with Meek Mill.

On The Wendy Williams Show, Remy clarified that it wasn’t Nicki Minaj’s initial records that provoked her to release a diss record, but the behind the scenes antics that Nicki continues to pull to jeopardize her career (skip to 5:00).

Since all of this went down, Nicki’s only response for the most part has been comments on how her album sales are great, and this video of Beyonce singing about her being the rap queen.

😘 she said *bey 🎀 *bigger

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Remy Ma has since followed the first diss record, Shether, up with a lack luster record, called Another One.

Since Another One isn’t that good, people on social media are debating with Nicki Minaj super fans, or Barbs, on whether Nicki should release a response diss record.

Well, I’m here to tell you that she absolutely, positively needs to put out a response diss record. One of the greatest nuances in hip hop culture is the rap battle. It’s where true rappers sharpen their skills and prove to the world who is best. Nicki likes to claim that she’s the Queen of Rap, but what has she done to prove it?

Nicki claims to be such an amazing rapper, but refusing to engage in a rap battle is like Floyd Mayweather claiming to be the best fighter without ever stepping foot in the ring to prove it.

So Nicki, I think it’s great that your record sales are amazing, that Beyonce is your friend, and you’re sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week, but you need to run, not walk to the studio to defend your rap queen crown before Remy snatches it away.

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