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Trending: Is Taylor Swift Announcing A New Album AND Tour Monday?

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(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

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Holy dropping a bombshell!

Taylor Swift was on Jimmy Fallon last night where she not only portrayed Natalie, and unfortunate looking 13-year-old with an infatuation with Pegacorns, but she also may have hinted at multiple announcements coming Monday.

It was announced early this week that she’d be doing a livestream on Yahoo! at 5PM this coming Monday, but that is all that we knew.

Last night on Fallon, Jimmy pressed Taylor as to what she’s be live streaming and after a long struggle to get her to talk, she said “It could be one announcement, or maybe it’s multiple.”

Taylor finished her Red Tour early this year, but was already hard at work on album 5 which she said was her “favorite thing she’s ever done.”

After wrapping up her tour, she went full force into album mode and only made appearances out and about, but rarely on any talk shows or award shows.

All of the sudden, it’s press mode which can only mean one thing: TAYLOR SWIFT IS ABOUT TO ANNOUNCE HER 5TH ALBUM!

When you watch the clip below, when she says there are multiple announcements, we can only believe that she will announce a tour to go along with the album.

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