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Signs That You Are Obsessed With Your Dog

Since I can remember I have been an animal person. I love animals…I’ve rescued animals…I’ve adopted animals…and YES I do conisder them part of my family.

I used to have 2 dogs and 2 cats….2 of those nuggets have gone to puppy and kitten heaven…and the two I have now have been with me for a very long time.

My Border Collie, VINO (yes I named my dog VINO) I have had since 2004 when I rescued him from an animal shelter in Memphis, TN. He was sick and about to be put to sleep. I decided to adopt him, took him to my vet and got him “fixed up” so to speak.

My other fur baby is my cat Grace. Her brother Will died a few years ago ( yes, I had cats named Will and Grace).¬†She’s…well….special. She is very skittish…and on occasion mean as hell. She’s an odd gal. Most people don’t even know I have a cat. She lives under my bed and she likes to be left alone. Grace is kind of a snob and a half…but I don’t think anyone else would respect that about her, so she’s very happy with me.

Someone else might try to make her a lap cat then they would get their eyes scratched out.

If you love animals as much as I do, here are some signs according to BUZZFEED that you might be obsessed with them.

Don’t worry..I do all of these too.

1. You talk to them when no one else is around.

Well duh…who else is going to listen to you without talking back….geeez.

2. You’re actually pretty sure that your dog is a person.

I’m sure of it. I even do the, “If Vino were to talk right now… I wonder what his voice would sound like”…and no I’m not crazy.

3. You have many nicknames for them.

Ok, now I feel a little crazy.

4. No pet can ever be as cute as yours.

No $&*(! Have you SEEN my dog? He’s adorable!

5. You refer to them as your family member.

Well if he’s NOT part of the family, then why does he get Christmas presents from Santa every year…duh!

6. You watch them while they sleep because they are just so cute.

OMG. I should show you a picture of him when he’s sleeping..he’s just….OK nevermind.

7. You take your dog on vacation with you.

What the hell is wrong with that? Vino doesn’t like to be alone and dogs need vacays too…..rude.

8. You find it necessary to celebrate your dog’s birthday every year.

Oh…so because he’s a dog he can’t have a cake…or a party hat…OH COME ON…dogs in party hats are hillarious.

If you are guilty of these….DO NOT LET THIS LIST MAKE YOU FEEL BAD….it just means that you are a great pet parent…and that you rule…and eveyrone else drools….


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