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Trending: 10 Photos That Prove You Should Love Vine Star Cameron Dallas

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(Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for DigiTour Media)

(Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for DigiTour Media)

Intern Nannette Intern Nannette
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So there’s this a boy who everyone should know because he is absolutely drool worthy.

His name is Cameron Dallas and he is literally the hottest Vine star on the planet. (Yes, we’re taking Shawn Mendes, Nash Grier and Cody Johns into account.)

He has lips like no man does, his abs are defined enough to wash clothes on and his smile…oh my.

So why are we drooling over Cameron Dallas?

Because he’s perfection in the form of a human.

Just look at these 10 pictures from his Instagram and you’ll understand why.

1. He plays ping pong in his underwear.

2. He seductively talks into microphones.

3. He loves dogs.

4. He naps in hammocks.

5. He has perfected the sexy Bay Watch walk.

6. He went to Santa Monica pier just to sit on the railing and look off into the distance.

7. He took his shirt off on a bridge over a freeway flashing everyone below with his beautiful body.

8. #SitsOnCurbs

9. He texts people in bed. Shirtless.

10. Dat ass.

And that is why you should be in love with Cameron Dallas. Go follow him in Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and when he’s driving his car. Ok…don’t do the last one. Thats totes creep.

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