Celebrities Who Have Burned By Social Media

We all know that everyone is capable of sticking their foot in their mouth at one point or another.

Lord knows I’ve done it a time or two. Here are some celebrities that have gotten in trouble on social media for saying stupid $(#*.

1. James Franco– tried to pick up an under age girl on Instagram

2. Kim Kardashian– for posting pics of her booty that some people think is photo shopped.

3.Emma Roberts– tweeted that she was ” Team Jacob” during the height of Twilight enraging Edward Cullen fans.

4. Robin Thicke– The infamous picture of him posing with a girl…the thing Robin didn’t count on was the mirror behind him revealing him grabbing her cheeks…and not the ones on her face.

5. Madonna– for using a racial slur 1 of 94757 times she has said something offensive.

6. Jason Segal- tried to text out a booty call to someone saying ” are you still awake, do you want to come over” but he tweeted it out to the masses instead.

7. Chris Brown– tweeted out homophobic language. Ya don’t say…Chris Brown? No…never..

8. Ashton Kutcher– for his comments on Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

9. Alec Baldwin– for tweeting about American Airlines after they wouldn’t let him finish a game of WORDS WITH FRIENDS.

10. Dean Mc Dermott– tweeted out a pic of his son, but accidentally included his wife, Tori Spelling’s boobs.

Want more? Full list according to Perez Hilton.

Too Funny…oops!

THINK before you speak…..



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