Trending: Audio Of Britney Spears’ “Alien” Hits Internet Without Autotune


The famous words spoken by YouTube sensation Chris Crocker ring in the back of my mind as audio of Britney Spears without autotune has leaked on the internet.

In a recent upload on YouTube (which has since been taken down) Britney is singing her song Alien and the vocals are something you’d hear out of a rejected American Idol contestant.

Critics are slamming her, while her fans are calling it a “warm-up vocal.”

Either way, the “un-autotuned” version of Alien isn’t anything out of this world.

However, if it is a warm-up vocal and it really was a first take, it’s understandable that Britney wouldn’t hit every note 100% nor would she be able to hit the higher notes of the song.

I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that this was a first take and she didn’t know the song that well. Because after all is said and done…WHO CARES?! She’s Britney bitch!


Britney Spears – Alien NO AUTOTUNE by dioguinhoblog

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