Jermaine Dupri: Chris Brown Will ‘Be More Famous Than Tupac’

Chris Brown has a fan in Jermaine Dupri. In fact, it might be wise for Brown to make Dupri his new publicist.

In an interview over the weekend leading up to the BET Awards, Dupri spoke with MissInfo.TV about the singer, claiming everyone makes mistakes and Brown shouldn’t be penalized for his past run-ins with the law.

“He’s young, he’s going to make mistakes,” Dupri said. “I think people started realizing that… when everybody’s young they make mistakes. People were looking at him like he was grown.”

Then, he added a very lofty compliment: saying Brown will at least meet Tupac in popularity — perhaps even surpass him.

“He’s a star, though,” Dupri continued. “I told people when he came out of jail, he’s going to be Tupac. He’s an R&B singer. An R&B singer’s music is supposed to go farther than rap. And, it stretches over different boundaries. To me, he’s going to be more famous than Tupac. I mean, it is what it is. He’s a star, and I can’t front on it.”


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