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Trending: It’s Official. Taylor Swift Is Now A Crazy Cat Lady

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(Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

(Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

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Taylor Swift adopted a cat a few years ago and the internet erupted with memes of Taylor being a “cat lady.” But…she just adopted another kitten and well…now she is officially a cat lady.

The definition of cat lady is different for everyone, however most people assume that “crazy cat ladies” are typically older women who adopt cats rather than have a steady relationship with another human being.

With that being said…Taylor has adopted another adorable kitten to add to her growing litter.

The new kitten’s name is Olivia Benson which is a character on Law & Order SVU. Taylor has been obsessed with the show since 2011.

Olivia also joins Taylor’s other cat Meredith who is named after the character of the same name on Grey’s Anatomy.

Taylor admitted that Meredith has a chill personality and doesn’t mind the touring lifestyle. Now that she’ll have a playmate, Taylor’s tour bus will be one active little furball.

Check out the photo of little Olivia. She’s SO cute!

And then there’s Meredith, the first cat to have her own fan club. (Sorry Grumpy Cat.)

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