Trending: The Internet Reacts To Kim And Kanye’s Wedding

So Kim and Kanye got married over the weekend…

The rumor is that they blew over $2 million on the wedding which included massive tents, private jets, a wedding party in Paris, and of course a musical performance from Lana Del Ray.

Ugh. Now my wedding is going to look like a 2-year-old planned it and ran out of money so they decorated with streamers and a balloon arch.

Regardless, when celebrities have milestones, the internet erupts with hilarious photos and sayings…and this is how the internet reacted to the #Kimye Wedding:

And the best one of them all…

And I feel about the same way. Someone bring back Brangelina.

Now to way less egotistical news…

It’s been a few years since Emma Watson was running around Hogwarts getting Harry and Ron out of trouble, and in that time, she’s been studying her life away at Brown University.

Brown is an Ivy League School in Providence, Rhode Island where Emma began studies in 2009.

She not only finished her degree in 5 years…(which is totally normal these days) but she also filmed several movies including “Perks of Being A Wallflower” which is a fav!

All of the studying has paid off because Emma just graduated from Brown University! She posted about the super exciting moment on Twitter:

Congrats Emma! Now go make more movies:)

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