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6 Hair Mistakes That You Are Probably Making Right Now

So, I am trying to decide If I want to color my hair a different color. I have always had dark hair my entire life. I’ve been a brunette for as long as I can remember.

Lately, over the past few years…my hair has grown darker and darker. I get highlights…that I LOVE btw’s…but something is still telling me I need a little bit more of a change.
I feel like I want to go from a dark, dark color…to a TRUE brunette.

Now, I know there are BIGGER problems in the world right now hahhaha…but I’m nervous about any type of change especially when it comes to my hair. I’ve always been the dark haired “curly headed’ girl.

I started looking at pictures on the internet to see if I could find a color I would like that wouldn’t be too drastic, but that might help me look fresher and lighter and younger…

I found 6 big hair mistakes that we may all be making. Let’s hope not…but here are the things that we could be doing that make us look older and outdated.

1. Dark Brown vs Chocolate Brown

Turns out…I WAS RIGHT! Dark dark hair DOES make you look older. Who knew? ME…apparently.

2. Clinging to an old cut or style.

You know when you see someone on a talk show with hair down to their ankles…or someone with wings…and they are so attached to that look that they just can’t let go?
According to MORE.com, You are supposed to get a new haircut/style EVERY YEAR. That’s a lot of change.

3. Too blonde.

You know the blonde that is like…WHITE blonde? Apparently this makes you look older…and unnatural. Instead…make your blonde multi-leveled in color.

4. Dry Dull color/texture.

Years of blow drying and coloring and curling irons cause tons of damage to your hair. Just like you moisturize your face…you’re supposed to moisturize your hair…regularly. So go ahead and add that to your regime of 100 other things. ( If you’re anything like me )

5. Too straight and sleek.

This is harsh on your face. Try a few layers to help soften it up.

6. Hair that is too long and all one length.

Long can still be long without being TOO long. Chop a few inches…add some layers and shape…maybe some bangs…and VOILA! You’re good to go.

I’ll let you know what I decide to do.

Apparently I was right…my dark dark hair…is too dark….

Might have to lighten things up for the summer.

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